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Targeted Domestic Violence Initiative Working to Reduce Criminal Activity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  January 26, 2015

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Targeted Domestic Violence Initiative Working to Reduce Criminal Activity,

According to New Report Released by Domestic Violence Network

INDIANAPOLIS – The Baker One Project, a protocol implemented by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department to identify potential high-risk offenders for domestic violence and prevent escalating crime, is driving positive outcomes in targeted cases, according to a new report released by the Domestic Violence Network.

DVN commissioned the SAVI Community Information System to produce the report, and SAVI data experts developed never before used techniques to analyze criminal justice records to reveal trends and gain a better perspective of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence in the Marion County criminal justice system.

“Obtaining domestic violence data is extremely difficult and challenging,” said Kelly McBride, executive director, Domestic Violence Network. “With our first report, released in November 2014, we wanted to know if we could collect and analyze data from our partners. With this report, we wanted to take a closer look at domestic violence in the criminal justice system. We will use the knowledge gained from this project to focus on prevention and intervention efforts of domestic violence in Marion County.”

The report shows:

  • Of the domestic violence cases documented by police as part of the Baker One Project, 55% of victims reported that their attacker tried to choke them, 42% believed they might try to kill, and 35% said their attacker has access to a gun.
  • The Baker One Project appears to positively affect the behavior of the high-risk perpetrators that are put on the watch list: the perpetrators have a lower amount of criminal activity and fewer contacts with law enforcement after being added to the list.

“Our analysis provides the most accurate profiles to date of both the victims and perpetrators involved in domestic violence cases that have moved through the legal system,” says Sharon Kandris, SAVI Director. “The findings in this report demonstrate the positive effect of targeted domestic violence programs such as the Baker One Project. The data will help Domestic Violence Network and its partners develop more targeted strategies to help reduce domestic violence in our community.”

The report also explores factors such as demographics of victims and perpetrators, the seasonality of domestic violence activity and geographic patterns. Other report findings include:

  • In 2013, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed 5,581 domestic violence cases, a 21% increase since 2009.
  • The domestic violence rate is highest in Center Township, which is double the rate in the IMPD jurisdiction.
  • In 2013, there were an estimated 11,559 victims of domestic violence (1.3% of the population) and 9,945 perpetrators reported in the legal system.
  • 14% percent of victims experienced more than one incident of domestic violence during the 2013 year.
  • Victims are predominately females (80%), with the largest group aged 20-24.
  • Perpetrators are predominantly males (80%), with the largest group aged 25-29.

About the Domestic Violence Network

The Domestic Violence Network is a nonprofit organization that exists to bring all members of the Central Indiana community together to end domestic violence through advocacy, education and collaboration.

About  SAVI Community Information System

SAVI Community Information System is a free online tool that helps people and organizations know what’s trending in their Central Indiana communities. The largest online data system of its type, SAVI collects social, geographic and economic data about 2,000 communities in 11 counties around Indianapolis. SAVI is created and managed by The Polis Center, a center in the IU School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, for the United Way of Central Indiana, as community trustee.