Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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For over twenty years, Domestic Violence Network (DVN) has been a leader in the community to address issues surrounding the prevention and intervention of domestic violence in Central Indiana. We continue to facilitate collaborative relationships between service providers, community partners, and grassroots organizations, provide training on best practices, and advocate for those who experience violence. DVN plans to continue this work and expand on it during the organization’s next Community Wide Plan.

DVN develops a Community Wide Plan every three years to assess progress and address challenges to achieving violence-free homes. We are grateful to the Central Indiana community for supporting our work as we launch the sixth iteration of the community wide plan, Beyond Equity. Recognizing the urgency to prioritize the voices of those forced to the margins, this iteration of the Community Wide Plan continues the work of Equity: Listening to the Truth, Amplifying Voices, Changing Systems by focusing on the experiences of Black and African American women.

As we launch Beyond Equity, we remain deeply committed to furthering our work with Black and African American women who experience violence at alarmingly higher rates than any other group. Beyond Equity aims to delve deeper into the root causes of this grim reality, inviting robust discussions, fostering an environment where the needs and solutions of Black and African American women are centered, and channeling our resources to address the systemic issues that leave many behind.

In developing this plan, DVN staff worked diligently with community members, service providers, and survivors to listen to their stories and insights on how to better serve those who have experienced violence. The common thread of these conversations is that the personal histories, preferred paths of healing, and expressed needs of Black and African American women who experience domestic violence are often dismissed and ignored by social systems intended to provide care.

Beyond Equity will center the community’s perspectives, insights, and solutions through meaningful conversations and training opportunities, which can lead to change. To authentically support the community, DVN will continue partnerships within the 46218 zip code and surrounding areas to provide programming based on the expressed wishes of the community. At the same time, we will create educational materials and organize training events specifically designed for service providers, focusing on delivering culturally appropriate and equitable support to Black and African American women.


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