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Fall Fest | Oct 22, 2021

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To make a change in our community as it relates to domestic violence (DV), we call on our community to join us to become more informed and to be involved where possible in making societal changes to prevent this violence. Domestic violence is a deeply intersectional issue, and to address domestic violence we must consider the things that exacerbate DV which is why Domestic Violence Network is committed to programming that addresses some of these intersectional issues. To change the culture that leads to domestic violence we need an entire network committed to making improvements as it pertains to multiple forms of violence in every facet of society, from service organizations, to law enforcement, to government, educators, workplaces, faith communities, and individual community members.

Ways to be Involved with DVN: 

Learn from us — Request a Training

Learn with us — Join our Book Club

Connect with us — Follow us on Facebook or Instagram

Network with us — Join our Advocates Network

Spread the word — Request printed resources for your organization or place of business

Support us — Become a donor to support the work we are doing in the community

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The Domestic Violence Network has always strived to be a beacon for change, not only in the domestic violence movement in Central Indiana, but for social justice overall, that extends to every person. As an organization, we recognize that it is not enough to be an organization that is “not racist” but we must actively […]

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