Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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The Advocates Group

When I started at the Domestic Violence Network 5 months ago I learned one of my new responsibilities would be to facilitate the Advocates Group. I was excited, because bringing people together for networking and education was something I had been doing for decades. What I didn’t expect was how quickly I grew to respect and truly enjoy the company of the members. They do some of the most important work in our state, and often do that work without proper resources or thanks. Advocates are a tough bunch.

While they’re doing this difficult work they also have to practice empathy. You can’t have a day where you completely shut yourself off from what you’re doing, because the victim or survivor sitting across from you needs the advocate’s understanding and expertise. Advocates are a tough bunch with big hearts.

On April 28, 2015 DVN will host an Advocate’s Retreat that will be focused on self-care. Advocates have to give their all, every day, in difficult circumstances. I hope to provide them with resources and skills that will help them care for themselves, which will allow them to continue to care for our community. So if you know an advocate, remember to thank them. If you are an advocate, know that your hard work and sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. Advocates are a tough bunch with big hearts who deserve to know how valuable they are.