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Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month – February 2016

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month – February 2016

Learn ways you can bring awareness to your school or community

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is just around the corner, and here at The Domestic Violence Network we would like to share fun and creative suggestions to use in your school or community to bring awareness to this important issue. One in 3 teenagers experience some form of dating abuse. That may include emotional/verbal abuse, stalking, social media abuse, sexual abuse, and/or physical abuse. It may be incredibly difficult to reach out to someone if you are experiencing abuse – especially if you are unsure how that other person will react.

In an effort to create a safe, comfortable environment for those experiencing abuse, please consider sharing some of the ideas presented in this blog with your school or community.  When people know they are in an environment where dating abuse is not tolerated and people who experience abuse are taken seriously, there is a greater possibility he or she will reach out for help and support.  As manager of The Domestic Violence Network’s Youth Program and someone who genuinely cares about our community’s safety and well-being, I urge you to help break the cycle and commit to doing at least ONE thing to bring awareness to your school or community this February.  Your support and kindness will be felt – I promise.

Utilize the list of activities below or use your imagination to create your own.  If you need assistance or help getting your creative juices flowing, do not hesitate to reach out to me.  

  1. Create or print posters to put up throughout your school, work, or community center.
  2. Create a script for morning announcements with dating abuse statistics and/or facts. You may visit to access statistics and facts.
  3. Spearhead a donation drive for a local agency that serves victims of domestic violence/dating violence.
  4. Start an anti-violence club in your school, church, or community center.  
  5. Shout from the mountaintops via your social media sites about the importance of dating abuse awareness with statistics and facts.
  6. Follow The Domestic Violence Network on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about what we are doing during the month of February.  
  7. Check out this website,, for additional ideas, an awareness toolkit, and a calendar of events.  

Stay Kind, Network!

Lindsay Hill Stawick