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A letter about showing up and doing your best

By: Lindsay Stawick, Youth Program Manager, Domestic Violence Network

Dear Indy Community,

I recently returned from a trip to Dallas where I was honored as a Real Life Superhero in conjunction with the release of “Wonder Woman.”  To my surprise, my coworkers nominated me and when I received the call from Studio Movie Grill I was shocked to hear the news.  Tears flooded my eyes, and all I could think about were the many wonderful women in my life and community that deserved this honor.  I immediately thought of my support system and the people in our community that inspire and motivate me daily, and I know without them, I would not have received that call.  

I also thought of my litter sister, Coriana and high school friend, Heather.  Senseless and preventable acts of violence took them from their families, friends, and community.  Coriana and Heather are in my heart every single morning I wake up, every afternoon, and every evening when I am winding down to go to bed.  I would give anything to have them back – I wish I wasn’t writing this blog post.  But that is not possible, and the best thing I can do for them is to move forward and make them proud.  That’s exactly what I strive to do everyday.  

I am not perfect.  I’m not always able to give 100 percent at work and home.  I screw up and make mistakes.  But one thing I try to do every single day is to SHOW UP AND DO MY BEST.       

I am honored to have received the Real Life Superhero award.  I enjoyed being in Dallas and meeting other Real Life Superheros from around the country.  I loved receiving “Wonder Woman swag” and even more excited to receive $1,000 towards my youth program.  I am grateful for my coworkers for nominating me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

To the girls and women in our community – your abilities, strengths, and voices are needed and wanted.  If you need some inspiration, I highly recommend seeing Wonder Woman! 🙂  I cannot describe the sensation of watching an ENTIRE movie where the lead was a badass woman saving the world.   

I am grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.  Indy, I LOVE YOU!  Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  My hope is that you will make an effort each morning to wake up, show up, and do your very best.  Our community needs you.  

Cheers, Network!


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