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A Coordinated Community Response

The Coordinated Action Network is a group of professionals who gather to discuss the current state of domestic violence in Marion County, resources available, and overcoming barriers faced by those who experience abuse. Consisting of professionals from law enforcement, those working in the criminal justice system, and local service providers, the group meets quarterly to collaborate on these issues and understand service available.

To be part of the Coordinated Action Network, please email Cecily Johnson at cjohnson@dvnconnect.org

Baker One

Since 2011, the Domestic Violence Network has worked in partnership with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD), The Julian Center, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO), and the City of Indianapolis in the planning, implementation, sustainment and expansion of The Baker One Project. The Baker One Project is a policing initiative that includes a multi-agency collaboration to identify high-risk individuals before a domestic homicide occurs. The Julian Center provides enhanced victim services to these individuals, IMPD provides access to resources as enhanced investigation for the offender, MCPO provides enhanced offender prosecution efforts, and DVN collects/analyzes data as well as facilitates the Coordinated Action Network and the Protective Order System Assessment. This project branched out into other areas including the Marion County Strangulation Prevention and Intervention Team, Victim Location Cooperative and enhanced investigative techniques on domestic violence cases. In 2014, the first independent data analysis of The Baker One Project indicated that it was achieving its desired effect to increase victim safety and offender accountability. All grant partners continue to work together to enhance/expand The Baker One Project and to provide high quality advocacy and intervention for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking.

Protective Order Assessment

As part of the funding received through the Grants to Encourage Arrest, DVN participates in a collaborative partnership with IMPD, MCPO, the City of Indianapolis, and The Julian Center to address a range of issues in Marion County. One of the components of this grant is to evaluate the protective order process in Marion County. Throughout 2014 and part of 2015, DVN has worked with service providers, those in the criminal justice system, and law enforcement to assess the protective order process through individual conversations, focus groups, and surveys.

The assessment is ongoing and is expected to be released to the community in early winter 2017.

If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact Kelly McBride at kmcbride@dvnconnect.org