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The Plan

For twenty years, the Domestic Violence Network has been a leader in the community to address issues surrounding the prevention and response of domestic violence in Central Indiana. Through facilitating collaborative relationships between service providers, providing training on best practices, and advocating for those who experience violence, the Domestic Violence Network enters into a new phase to bring these issues to the community. Intersections: Engage, Collaborate, Transform will guide the work of the Domestic Violence Network over the next three years.

Rather than focus on specific population groups, Intersections will examine the risk and protective factors associated with domestic violence and a variety of social concerns. Throughout the course of the next three years, DVN will select a different risk factor every six months. Guided by challenges and opportunities specifically related to each risk factor, DVN will facilitate community conversations, consult with experts, and provide educational opportunities to understand the intersection between specific issues and domestic violence. Additionally, we will convene agencies that directly address each risk factor and facilitate collaboration between these agencies and domestic violence service providers. After learning from one another, specific goals and outcomes will be identified for the organizations to work toward together.

The Domestic Violence Network’s goal in this Community Wide Plan is to educate the community on domestic violence and the intersection with the following risk and protective factors:

By working together and expanding our knowledge of the correlation between risk and protective factors with those who experience abuse, the community will be better equipped to prevent and respond to domestic violence today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

A special thank you to sponsor of Intersections, Community Health Network.


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Past Plans

The Domestic Violence Network has been facilitating the community wide plan to end domestic violence since 2000. Take a look at our past plans:

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