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Celebrating a Successful Launch of ‘Beyond Equity’


In the pursuit of creating a safer and more equitable community, the work of launching the Community Wide Plan 6.0 Beyond Equity by us here at the Domestic Violence Network has been a large but necessary and rewarding undertaking. This ambitious plan, focusing on supporting and centering Black and African American women, has garnered widespread support.

We are so grateful to all involved – staff, board, supporters, collaborators, and community members alike! As we reflect on this milestone, it’s essential to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a pivotal role in making this initiative a success.

Kelly McBride, DVN Executive Director.


Supporters & Survivors

First and foremost, we extend our deepest thanks to the supporters, community members, and survivors who shared with us and stood with us throughout this journey. Your commitment to the cause of changing the culture of violence, promoting equity, and open-hearted involvement has been the driving force behind the realization of Beyond Equity.

To the survivors – we are honored and privileged to do this work because of you. Your involvement has been instrumental, and we can’t thank you enough.

Jimmie Bridges, Founder of Sista2Sista.


A Dedicated Group of Collaborators

Behind every initiative lies a team of dedicated individuals, and Beyond Equity is no exception. Our staff at DVN have worked tirelessly, pouring their passion and expertise into shaping and implementing this groundbreaking plan. Their unwavering commitment to the cause has been inspiring, and we express our sincere gratitude to each member of this incredible team!

We also work with such amazing collaborators and partners, who without them, this work would not have been possible. Thank you so much to Sista2Sista, Brightwood Community Center, Coburn Place, Firefly Children and Family Alliance, Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Indy Champions, the Beyond Equity Advisory Council (members listed below), and the countless other individuals who poured their heart into this plan.

Launch Event of the Community Wide Plan 6.0.


Mayor’s Office

The recognition from Mayor Joe Hogsett is greatly appreciated. We express our sincere thanks to the Mayor’s Office and the City of Indianapolis for their support, guidance, and shared vision in creating a safer and more equitable community for all through Beyond Equity.

Mayor Joe Hogsett of Indianapolis.


Amplifying the Message

We’re so grateful for the opportunities to be highlighted in various media and news outlets to amplify the message of Beyond Equity. Thank you so much to IndyStar, Indianapolis Recorder, Mirror Indy, WRTV6, WTHR, WISH, FOX59, WFYI-FM, Black Enterprise, and more for their coverage and support.

DVN Director of Strategic Initiatives Rebecca Berry interview with WRTV6.


Where to Find Media Coverage

For those eager to delve into the media coverage of the plan, here are the links to various articles and videos:

  1. IndyStar (Video): The Domestic Violence Network unveils Community Wide 2024-27 Plan ‘Beyond Equity’.
  2. IndyStar (Online Article): Black women face unique problems fleeing abuse. A new plan addresses those gaps.
  3. IndyStar Print Story (Front Page & Inside)
  4. Indianapolis Recorder (Online Article):  New plan to address disproportionate impact of domestic violence on Black women.
  5. Mirror Indy (Online Article): New Indy domestic violence plan centers on the needs of Black women.
  6. Mirror Indy (Video)
  7. WRTV6 (Video & Online Article): Domestic Violence Network unveils new plan and restorative justice program.
  8. WTHR (Online + Multiple Broadcasts) – Awaiting
  9. WISH (Video): Domestic Violence Network unveils new plan supporting Black women.
  10. FOX59 (Online Article): Community-wide plan to reduce Indy domestic violence released.
  11. WFYI-FM (Online Article): New plan to address disproportionate impact of domestic violence on Black women.
  12. Black Enterprise (Online Article):  Domestic Violence Network launches ‘Beyond Equity’ plan for Black women.

Looking Forward

As we celebrate the success of the Beyond Equity launch, we recognize that our work is far from over. We at Domestic Violence Network remain committed to creating lasting change, and we look forward to continued collaboration with our supporters, staff, survivors, media partners, and the community at large!

Beyond Equity Advisory Council

Schamonda Allen            Rebecca Berry

Kim Boyd            Tammie Carter

Monica Conley            Linda Crocheron

WaTasha Griffin            Brishaun Hamilton

Chris Handberg            Timike Jones

Esther Lewis            Angie Martinez

Shonna Majors            Kelly McBride

Elle Roberts            Amanda Salgueiro

Danyette            Smith Ashley Virden


By Becca Schroeder, January 16th, 2024, Domestic Violence Network (DVN)