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Verizon HopeLine donates $20,000 to our youth program

On July 15, 2016, Verizon HopeLine donated $20,000 to our youth program as part of their smart store grand opening in Central Indiana. Before the check was presented to us, Maria DeLeon, student leader from Crispus Attucks, explained why the No More Club, the Youth Network, and healthy relationship education is so important to our community. Here are her remarks:  

“Good Morning, my name is Maria DeLeon, and I am a Junior at Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School. I have been involved with the Domestic Violence Network since January 2015 as one of the founding student leaders of the No More Club, and I have been a Youth Network member since August 2015. The No More Club and Youth Network are student-led groups aimed toward raising awareness about healthy relationships and changing the culture that leads to violence in our communities and schools.

I was excited to be a part of the No More Club and Youth Network because I had a strong desire to make a difference in my school and community. I believe ALL people deserve to be in safe and healthy relationships and I wanted to be a resource to my peers.  

After starting the No More Club at my school, we completed several engaging awareness campaigns drawing attention to what a healthy relationship is, red flags that someone may be in an unhealthy relationship, and resources available to students in need. The campaigns were so engaging that a student stopped the club sponsor in the hallway and thanked her for all the club was doing to bring attention to healthy relationships and dating abuse. The student further explained that the activities facilitated by the No More Club empowered her to share her story of being in an unhealthy relationship and also to reach out for help.

Hearing stories like this has inspired me to work as hard as possible to create a school environment that is supportive of students facing violence or unhealthy relationships and it has motivated me to be a powerful voice for young people who would otherwise not know how to advocate for their safety and well-being.  

I am incredibly proud to be involved in the No More Club. It has become one of the most popular clubs in my school. There is even a waiting list to become a member! I am thankful to Verizon for believing in the Domestic Violence Network and the work they do in schools. Thank you for having me here today.”

We are thankful to Verizon for providing us with this grant and we are looking forward to putting the money toward our healthy relationship program and No More Clubs If you would like healthy relationship education and/or a No More Club in your school, please reach out to Lindsay Stawick (


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