Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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Thank you for visiting this site. Below you will find resources to help you navigate and explore the relationships in your life. We hope you will be empowered to reach out for help, stand up for a friend, take action at your school to raise awareness, or ALL THREE. Our wish for you is that you always stay true to your dreams and goals NO MATTER WHAT. YOU are the future, and we look forward to witnessing your greatness.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like to learn more about becoming a youth activist. You can email our Youth Program Manager Corinne Herdon and our Youth Program Coordinator Jala Powell.


General Info about Teen Relationships

Love is Respect

Cool Not Cool Relationship Quiz

Digital Dating Abuse



Crushed: Teens and Dating Abuse



Consent for Kids (elementary and middle school)

Tea Consent Clean (high school and college)

That’s Not Love – Delete (high school and college)

That’s Not Love – Whiskey (high school and college)

Radio Rookies – First Loves (high school)

Radio Rookies – What I Want (high school)


Become an Activist:

Youth Network is a space for students and young people to learn about TDV and become advocates in their schools. Through the Youth Network, we will engage and empower students to be leaders in their communities, challenge societal norms, and lead the way for social change in their generation.

In Youth Network, you will have the opportunity to be involved in school and community improvement through service projects, you will have a chance to demonstrate a strong commitment to service, and you will inspire other students and community members to take action. Members must complete an application before joining.

Note: We are only currently offering Youth Network at Shortridge and Crispus Attucks High Schools. We are working hard to offer it at other high schools in the near future! 

Email Corinne Herdon and Jala Powell to learn more or express future interest.


Title IX


The law requires institutions to respond to intimate partner violence, sexual violence or stalking that:

  • takes place on campus;
  • is connected to school programs; or
  • is perpetuated by anyone affiliated with the school

Off-campus misconduct matters as much as misconduct that occurs on campus, whether it takes place down the street, online, or overseas.

Applies to Students, Faculty, Staff, Subcontractors, Vendors, Guests, and Visitors.

Please visit our Title IX page to learn more.