Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Training on Domestic Violence

It has been an extraordinary summer at the Domestic Violence Network. We have collaborated with educators, law enforcement, and a variety of community organizations equipping them to prevent and respond to domestic violence, dating abuse, and sexual assault. Since the beginning of March, we have worked with the Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, the youth branch of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. 

Meeting several times, we discussed how they can equip their staff, teachers, and conductors in responding to domestic violence, dating abuse, and sexual assault. We decided to create clear policies and procedures which they will adopted that define these protocols. On July 23rd, DVN conducted the first of several workshops on the new policies and procedures. The staff was engaged, eager to learn about these issues, and glad to have gone through the training.

Some of the recommended steps that were adopted when receiving disclosure of domestic violence are to:
1. Listen without judgment
2. If there is immediate danger for children or the a parent, contact law enforcement
3. If there is not immediate danger, contact a local advocate or hotline
4. Ask the person who is disclosing, how they want to handle the situation
5. Discuss safety options regardless of whether the person disclosing wants to stay in the relationship or leave (if leaving, a safety plan is critical!)
This is a snapshot of some of the recommendations that were given. If you know of an organization that would like to discuss policy options or training on domestic violence, dating abuse, or sexual assault, please contact Chris Warren at