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DVN Employee Spotlight: Ashley Powell, Training Services Coordinator

By: Lindsay Stawick, Director of Programs, DVN

Ashley Powell has been a DVN team member for almost two years . She first came to us through the AmeriCorps Public Ally program where she was tasked with learning the ins and outs of DVN while also improving our capacity to reach more community members.  During her Public Ally interview we were most impressed with her infectious enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about the community. We knew she would be a perfect fit, and we will always be grateful she chose DVN.

After Ashley’s term of service with the Public Ally program, we knew she would be a great asset to our team and someone we would love to have on our staff.  The training services coordinator position opened up, and we extended her the offer to work with us full time. She said YES!

Since becoming DVN’s training services coordinator, Ashley has taken the Adult Training Program to new heights. She has made several new connections in the community, including the IUPUI Dental School, Anthem, Workforce Management, Congregation Beth Shalom, and many, many more!  Ashley takes pride in making sure all of her training participants have the best experience possible and she works tirelessly to evaluate the programs to ensure they are as impactful as possible.

“I love working for DVN for so many reasons,” said Ashley. “One of those is the impact that DVN is making in the community. As the training services coordinator, I get to facilitate discussions around domestic violence and see the impact that our education programing has on those adults. Within our Training Program in 2019, 95 percent of the participants say they have felt more confident in their practical skills as a result of our trainings. This is so exciting for me to see! I love being a part of those discussions and educating the community on issues that are so important to me. I also love the team environment within DVN. I am always able to bring new ideas to the table, and everyone is so supportive of one another!”

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