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DVN and CHIP Hold Panel Discussion on Housing and Domestic Violence

On February 28th, the Domestic Violence Network (DVN) held the first discussion as part of Intersections, our new three-year Community-Wide Plan. These first six months we will be focusing on the impact of Economics and Domestic Violence and hosted a panel discussion with our friends at the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) on the current state of emergency and long-term housing for those who experience domestic violence. The panel consisted of members from CHIP, The Children’s Bureau, Coburn Place, and The Julian Center. Over 50 community members and service providers attended, asking questions about housing options for those who have become homeless due to domestic violence.

Throughout the discussion, it became evident that one of the biggest barriers to leaving an abusive relationship, is the lack of housing. Often times, those who are being abused are trapped in a cycle of violence because of the lack of financial resources and housing. While these can feel like an impossible challenge to overcome, local service providers can provide assistance with housing.

Panelists discussed several models currently being used:

Emergency Housing – The Julian Center offers emergency shelter for up to 30 days to those who experience violence.
Transitional Housing – Historically, those who were in crisis could apply to convert from emergency housing to transitional. For most programs, transitional housing allows those who experience violence to live for up to two years; however, this model is being phased out by federal guidelines.
Rapid Rehousing – This model seeks to place people who experience homelessness in a permanent residence with service providers offering rent assistance which is scaled down over time.
Permanent Supportive Housing – Similar to Rapid Rehousing, this model provides support services in addition to rent assistance.

Attendees left with a better understanding of the changes in federal funding of housing programs over the past few years as well as the services offered in Marion County.

Our next Intersections event will be held on March 22nd, a training and networking opportunity on Public Housing and Domestic Violence. Attendees will engage with local advocates from The Julian Center, Coburn Place, and DVN on the dynamics of abuse, state/federal guidelines and options in public housing as well as learn about public housing options from IHA staff. There will also be an opportunity for service providers to have a booth present for an interactive presentation. Please contact Chris Handberg if you are interested in attending.

Public Housing and Domestic Violence
March 22nd, 12:30 – 3:00 p.m.
IPS #27, 546 E. 17th St., Indianapolis