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Domestic Violence Network’s 20th Anniversary Spotlight – Jennie Reister

Domestic Violence Network’s 20th Anniversary Spotlight – Jennie Reister

By:  Jenn Heitmeyer, DVN Advancement Manager

As mentioned previously, in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the Domestic Violence Network (DVN), we will be featuring members of our network community who have been pioneers and cornerstones of the organization. This week we will be spotlighting Jennie Reister who truly embodies and personifies the role of an advocate.

Jennie is the current director of non-residential services for The Julian Center, and has served in this role for nearly four years, but her time at The Julian Center started six years prior, working passionately as a domestic violence advocate. Jennie has watched and been a part of the growth and development of the Domestic Violence Network through the longtime partnership between DVN and The Julian Center. She describes DVN as an organization that serves as a median between all of Indianapolis’ service providers to build a cohesive and connected network which can be the problem solvers who can find solutions when an issue seems to come to an inconclusive stop.

It is this definition which so accurately describes Jennie, herself. Her participation in The Network has been to bring fresh ideas and perspectives along with challenging those who work in the field to serve clients with excellence. She was a central figure during the initial discussion, strategic planning, and of course finalization and implementation of the Baker One Project, a highly successful partnership program between DVN, The Julian Center and IMPD. The program works to reduce domestic violence criminal activity by identifying high risk couples and providing resources and accountability to those who are part of the Baker One list. Jennie believes that this is one of the most successful programs that DVN and The Julian Center have partnered on. We could not be more thankful for Jennie and her passion as part of the Domestic Violence Network. She exemplifies this role daily and is truly a cornerstone in our network!

Thank you Jennie! We could not thrive without wonders like you! #YouAreTheNetwork