Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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Advocates Spotlight-Talia Pinner

Talia Pinner

Housing Advocate

Coburn Place Safe Haven


What do you do to combat domestic violence?

I combat domestic violence by providing housing options to individuals once they’re out of the abusive relationship. Educating survivors on the importance of paying off old debt, teaching the importance of advocating for themselves when it comes to their housing needs. I also build relationships with various landlords in the city of Indianapolis that are willing to give people second chances.  Financial abuse and the control factor that goes along with it is real.  Someone has to genuinely advocate and be the voice for the person who has a tarnished housing background.
What motivates you in this role?

The survivors that I work with motivate me. Having the odds stacked against them on so many levels allows me to see their low moments turn into triumphs! Watching them put in the work, seeing their determination payoff is a blessing in itself!


What is your favorite hobby?

Anything that allows me to expand my mind is a hobby. I love learning new things!


What’s your favorite quote or mantra? 

“Being a trailblazer requires a high tolerance for rejection. Chase the vision not the applause.” ~ Unknown ~


How long have you been a DV Advocate?

Two years


How has being a DV Advocate helped you in your career?

Being a DV Advocate has afforded me the chance to grow in knowledge and compassion which is needed in my line of business. The diverse nature of people I encounter on a daily basis challenges me to put into play the many trainings I attend and the ability to keep my human nature in the forefront. Kind human nature is needed in the Human Services field.