Changing the culture that leads to domestic violence.

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Human Trafficking Education Day

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March 21, 2014
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Pike High School

Through the Eyes of Adolescents: The Intersection of Human Trafficking, Abuse, and the Foster Care System

Keynote Speaker: Karen Duncan, M.A.

This education day will focus on adolescent U.S. domestic trafficking victims; deepening the understanding of the complex problem of how adolescents
are exploited and highlight risk factors that contribute to the social phenomena of adolescent runaway behavior, human trafficking and how this
intersects with the foster care system.

Featured Artist-Yewande

For more information
Victory Noll Center
(260)356-0628, ext. 174

Breakout Session

1. Whoever Has An Ear, Let Them Hear
Steven Jones, BA., MARTS, CCM, ASIST.

2. A Clinical Perspective: At-Risk Adolescents, Runaway Behavior & Placement
MaryAnna Bradshaw, Ph.D.

3. Anywhere But Here
Chynna Presley BSW.

4. Why No Injury? understanding Body Development
Leslie Cook RN, MDI, SANE-A, SANE-P